There’s No Place Like Home

“There’s No Place Like Home”. One of my curious homes has found it’s way to Oz. This piece features a tin house returning home to his place in the woods. As you can see, he holds his heart very close and misses Dorothy (awww). This piece is part of my “Love Stories” series and the original is slotted for a show in Taipei this May.
!! Limited editions are currently available on #etsy if interested here.

Original Painting – Live Penny Auction!

Original 16×20 acrylic on stretched canvas painting is now live at a 5 day auction and bidding starts at just one penny!  “Cherish II” features my two love trees under a hanging heart tied up with white ribbon.  This piece was painted on a 1.5″ thick canvas and the image continues onto the edges.  To see more details you can visit the auction here!  Auction ends: 2.10.15.

Country Lights Series (1-5)

Several years ago I did some landscape pieces with “country lights” in the title. Well I am finally catching up to my “to do” list of things I’ve been wanting to paint. Sooooo here are the first 5 in a series I am calling Country Lights. These pieces are on the smaller side, but I spend just about as much time on them as I do some larger pieces. These paintings are like windows to hidden worlds tucked away off in the countryside.  Currently, these 5 pieces are available at a local gallery here in Orlando, FL.
If you are interested in obtaining one of these originals, the gallery offers shipping services!  Click here for their operating hours and phone number.

(6x6 original painting . 1.5" thick natural wood frame)
(6x6 original painting . 1.5" thick natural wood frame)
(6x6 original painting . 1.5" thick natural wood frame)CL#3
(3x3 original painting . framed)CL#4
(3x3 mini original painting . framed)CL#5