“Remember Me” – eBay Auction

Update: Sold!
Title: “Remember Me” original painting
Material: acrylic on cradled board
Size: 8x8x.75 inches
Auction Ends: 7.9.22, Bidding starts at $1

I’ve got a new original painting up at auction today! I actually finsihed it early in the morning on July 4th, so that will be dated on the back 🇺🇸
As you can see I’ve made rows of poppies for a flag-like landscape…poppies also being the WWI rememberance flower, I started to get a little more emotional as it came together. I wasn’t even going to have a house in it, it was going to be a busy trees and foliage landscape….but the ever familiar house I like to paint, made me think of those who went “home” too soon. The “Remember Me” title are the poppies speaking. ❤️


Stars And Stripes Forever

Update: Sold
Title:  “Stars And Stripes Forever”
Canvas Size: 11 x 14 x 2 inches (+ .25″ on all sides in floater frame)
Material: acrylic on stretched canvas
Studio Auction: runs 6/26/18 – 7/2/18.  Bidding starts at 1 penny – no reserve.
See it on eBay!
Once every year or two I paint something patriotic around the 4th of July.  So for 2018 I have for you this contemporary landscape.  A bouncy ribbon striped hill with a house puffing out stars from it’s chimney.  It has an endless feel to me, so I decided to title it ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ !  The house seemed lonely, so I added a moon in at the very end to give it someone to talk to 🙂

“Home of the Brave”

Update:  Sold
This week’s auction is an original painting, handmade in the US of A. The landscape has been transformed into a flag waving sky, and starry blue hill. Yes, it’s a white house, but it’s not “the” white house. It’s just a simple house that stands with honor, so it got the title “Home of the Brave” 🙂
Auction ends:  June 16, 2015