Thunderbird #classiccar

Original Sold!
Signed Limited Editions Available Here
Series: Astronaut
Title:  “Thunderbird”
Size: 16×20 acrylic on stretched canvas
10 Signed Limited Editions Made

Astronaut Series: "Thunderbird" by Cindy Thornton

1955 Classic Ford Thunderbird – Complete with rocket man and back seat driver robot.


I Get Around #volvo

Title:  I Get Around
Size: 14×18 inches
Material:  Acrylic on stretched canvas
I made this as a gift – it’s my childhood family 80’s car (a 1981 Volvo 240 station wagon) practically flying through the air down a Florida road.  This isn’t the way my dad drove or anything, but I thought it was a fun idea and wanted to do it.  I thought there may be others out there who might connect with this in some way, so I did make it available print hereSurfs Up!

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