“Getting Carried Away” #party

“Getting Carried Away”
16×40″ original acrylic on stretched canvas painting.  Price $1900.
This piece was featured at my summer 2016 art show in Beverly Hills, CA at GP Deva gallery.  Part of my ‘Dreamers’ series – an elephant, bird, girl, and a bunch of party balloons.  The original has sold, but I’ve made it available in print here!


“Caravan” #moon

Update: SOLD!
The original is headed for A.R.T. 2017  event in Taipei this April.

16×20″ original acrylic on stretched canvas painting.
The original will be available at the event mentioned above.
10 signed limited edition prints are up in my etsy shop here!


First there were ‘the moon bandits’ (the bear and the girl)….now bear has taken matters into his own hands and recruited some help.  Success!  The moon is being delivered.

“The Magicians” #magic

Nov 2019 Update: Sold!
“The Magicians”
16×20″ original acrylic on stretched canvas painting.
3/24/19:  The original is on display and available through GP Deva X-Power Gallery in Beverly Hills, CA through 5/31/19.  Additional information is available on my website at http://www.cindythornton.com


Hmmm a bear, elephant, chickie, and bunny.  What moon painting will be next??  So many ideas, so little time.  This piece turned out more ‘rat pack’ than I had planned, but I still love it 🙂