Justin Vining Art

Picture 15

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I met Justin over on etsy. When I first saw his work I was stunned. He had a collection of art for sale that included colorful landscapes of little homes and wind swept trees. “Holy Cow are we similar!” I thought. Then I went on to discover his interesting aerial landscapes. I’m a sucker for intricate detailed art one can get lost in. When I was in high school this is the type of stuff I did on my folders when I should have been listening to the teacher. So again, I was convinced our brains must be wired the same.

Anyhow, I swing by his etsy shop a couple of times a month to see what new things he has going on. And today I found this…a painted table top which he calls “A Corner of My World”. According to Justin – this took over 80 hours to do and I think is worth having a closer look see.  Click here to view more photos.