Penny Auction! Original Painting – Juice Box #1

Auction Status:  SOLD

Time for some fun, time for a new series >>  The Juice Box Series.
These pieces are pretty much like their series title….juicy liquid skies painted and or mounted on THICK boxy wooden frames.  This whimsical ship is Juice Box #1.  A splashy teal and yellow sunset sky with a ship set to full sail.  This piece measures 8x8x2 inches and has 4 flat rivet style nails on each of the sides.  Edges are painted black, so no need to frame.  Bidding starts at .o1 cent and runs through September 13, 2016.  See it on eBay!


When Stars Align

New limited edition print release!  Two homes adrift at sea happen upon eachother one night. What are the odds? The original painting will be featured at the A.R.T. International Art Show in Taiwan in May of 2015.  Click the pic to see the full image and listing on etsy.  Only 10 signed prints available in this limited edition!  -Cindy