“The Conversation” #moonart

Things I used to think about while laying in bed as a kid >> “if I got enough cardboard boxes……”
Title: “The Conversation”
Original: 16×20 acrylic on canvas
Debuted: Art Revolution Taipei April 2017 show
Price: $1000 – Updated Sold!
10 Limited Edition 8×10 Prints signed by the artist are available HERE


“The Astronomer” #space

The original is headed for A.R.T. 2017  event in Taipei this April.

“The Astronomer”
16×20″ original acrylic on stretched canvas painting.
The original debuted at the above mentioned event and was on tour in Taiwan throughout 2017/2018.
Location:  This piece is currently available direct through the artist (me) here!
10 signed limited edition prints are up in my etsy shop here.


Part of my “Dreamers” series.  This one travels back in time a little.  With telescope in hand and window’s to the stars, she prepares for a night of wonderment.  #ilovespace !

Destination Moon

New Print Release!  “Destination Moon” (only 10 in this edition) A Series of Painted Love Stories.

Destination Moon
After finding love, this little house came up with a plan. This piece features a newly completed ladder to the moon and a little red house ready to climb. The original painting is slotted for an international show in Taipei May 2015, but I’ve made available 10 signed limited editions. Each print is titled, signed and numbered in ink on the front.

(Starting this year, my limited edition prints are now printed on a semi-gloss finish archival paper and signed in ink.)

“I Finally Found You”

This weeks penny auction:  Update:  Sold
“I Finally Found You” 16×16 acrylic on canvas.  This sweet little house has perched atop a hill with its telescope in search of the hanging stars.  It found them!  The sky this time is a beautiful abstract of changing color and lines.  The curious house series has split style-wise into a collection where I combine my painting style and a sketch into once piece.  I hope my fellow space explorers enjoy this piece as much as I do 🙂  This auction starts at .01 cent with no reserve and runs until Sunday, 8/3/14.  Visit the listing to see more pics.  Enjoy!  -Cindy