Limited Edition Art Print: Stars & Stripes Forever

Title: “Stars & Stripes Forever”
Edition Size: 20
Signed & Numbered
Available on Etsy here.

A patriotic dream of sorts – dream free 🙂


Stars And Stripes Forever

Update: Sold
Title:  “Stars And Stripes Forever”
Canvas Size: 11 x 14 x 2 inches (+ .25″ on all sides in floater frame)
Material: acrylic on stretched canvas
Studio Auction: runs 6/26/18 – 7/2/18.  Bidding starts at 1 penny – no reserve.
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Once every year or two I paint something patriotic around the 4th of July.  So for 2018 I have for you this contemporary landscape.  A bouncy ribbon striped hill with a house puffing out stars from it’s chimney.  It has an endless feel to me, so I decided to title it ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ !  The house seemed lonely, so I added a moon in at the very end to give it someone to talk to 🙂

“The Astronomer” #space

Nov 2019 Update: Not currently available – gallery hold
“The Astronomer”
16×20″ original acrylic on stretched canvas painting.
The original debuted at at Taiwan Art Show event and was on tour in Taiwan throughout 2017/2018.
3/24/19 UPDATE:  This piece is currently on display and available through GP Deva X-Power Gallery in Beverly Hills through 5/31/19.  Contact info is available on my site at
10 signed limited edition prints are up in my etsy shop here.

Part of my “Dreamers” series.  This one travels back in time a little.  With telescope in hand and window’s to the stars, she prepares for a night of wonderment.  #ilovespace !