“The Lighthouse”

Update: Sold
“The Lighthouse”
Original 24×18 inch acrylic on stretched canvas painting.
Bidding starts at .01 cent with no reserve!  Auction ends:  July 2, 2017
i Lighthouse


Saving Time

Status Update:  Sold!

“Saving Time” original 40×16″ acrylic on stretched canvas painting.  Currently available at GP Deva X-Power Gallery in Beverly Hills – $1900.  If interested you can visit their facebook page for location and hours, or call them at (310) 858-6545.

10 signed limited edition prints on an 8×10 sheet are available in my etsy shop here.

Surf Report 1 & 2

I’ve lived 4 years on Florida’s space coast, 12 years in the Florida panhandle, 1 year in the Jax Beach area, and now 10 years here in Central Florida.  That’s bound to cause a few hurricanes to fly overhead right?  Right!  So that is one reason you have been seeing some windy palms blow out of the studio.  The other is sort of a flashback to what I was doing when I first started selling my first pieces online.  They were all ACEO art cards, but they were all simple silhouette night landscapes.  Several have asked if I would ever make those into large paintings…and I’m finally revisiting that idea starting only adding some different elements to it.

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