Country Lights

Here are a couple of new paintings.  Both are 18″ x 18″ with a black freehand painted border.  Still having fun with dreamy type landscapes. 

“Country Lights – Midnight”

“Country Lights – Drive”


8 thoughts on “Country Lights

  1. Karin Grimes says:

    I had googled “happy”, looking for a cool photo to make a layout for myspace. I found your “Midnight” on there,(which is my favorite, I think) and proceeded to check out your site. Really, really neat stuff. I watched the video of you creating your “side by side”. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time on here. Just thought I’d drop a line to let you know! Peace


  2. Caitlin Forrest says:

    I too am an artist, and when looking for inspiration I came across your painting “Midnight.” I immidiately fell in love with your work and proudly claim you my favorite artist. Your use of colors and shapes is breathtaking. Thanks for sharing your God-given gift!


    • That original has already sold, and I did not have prints made of that one in particular. I do have other prints available, and I am always adding more prints to the collection. My website has links to them. Thanks for your note!


  3. I’m a beginner at painting and have been online searching for inspiration since I seem to be having a mental block. I just happened across your paintings and I absolutely love them. It’s the idea & feeling I’ve been trying to bring out in my own work but haven’t been able to achieve. I can’t stop looking at them and especially “Midnight”. Love it! I’ll be watching your work when I need to be inspired. Thanks!!!


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