Total Lunar Eclipse – from my backyard

22008.jpgOk, this is amature hour photography here, but my experiment worked so I’m posting my best shot.  This was taken through my Celestron telescope at 25x on my little Sony Cybershot.  It looks like a regular moon shot (no reddish earth shadow due to the settings for this one), but yesterday was a total lunar eclipse.  Did you miss it?  Too bad…you will have to wait until 12.10.10 to see the next one. Now I know nothing regarding natures reaction to lunar eclipses, but last night about 1/2 way through the event, ALL of my feathered friends on the lake started to quack, chirp, sing (whatever you want to call it).  Maybe one started it, or maybe birds howl at the moon periodically (not the typical sounds I hear at night).  I don’t know, but very strange and very interesting.


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