ZaZa Gallery Canvas Print Review + Giveaway!

How exciting!  Today I received a package from the folks over at ZaZa Gallery.

They were kind enough to reproduce and send me one of my art pieces mounted on a 16×20 gallery wrapped stretched canvas!  First off, here is what I love about canvas prints….

1.) They come ready to hang, no need for a frame.  When you buy an art print on paper, you will have to make a trip to a framer and select matting, glass, and your frame.
2.) ZaZa mounts canvas prints on a thick 1.5″ frame.  This thickness gives it a museaum quality look that is substantial on the wall.
3.) They are lightweight, compared to a similar sized piece under framed glass.  Easy to move from room to room, no need for installing wall anchors a canvas this size.
4.) No glare.  Hang it anywhere, you don’t have to factor in an opposing window or room lighting hitting a print under glass.

5.) Cost!  From my experience, canvas prints end up being quite a bit cheaper than a similar sized print with custom framing option.

So, do you want to see how the print turned out?  Hopefully you find this helpful…..
Inside packaging involved protective plastic wrap, bubble wrap, and extra kraft paper padding.

Here is the 16×20 print. I can’t find any color flaws compared to the file I provided them.  Perfect!  Canvas comes fully wrapped (no side staples).  I’m pleased as punch that it turned out looking so close to the original.  If you are an artist, this is a great way to offer collectors a lower priced option of owning a painting they really like that has already sold.

I wanted to point out how they handled the sides for an image that was not large enough to get a full wrap.  The image you see on the flat front of the canvas is what I sent them.  It was not large enough for a wrap without having the homes pulled too close to the edge.  So what they did for this wrap was to “mirror” the image on the sides (See photo below).  It’s pretty seamless, and honestly looks pretty good!  I could leave it this way, but I plan to paint the edges black.  It is how I do all my originals, and for this piece…I prefer that the hill lines not reverse direction and you not see that tiny part of the house repeat.  My husband said he liked the way they did it.  So, if this is your concern for a photo or a painting…just know you can always paint the edges yourself.

Lastly, do you like this painting?  Thanks if you do 🙂  I titled this little romantic piece “One Song”.  So please sing the Snow White song in your head when viewing this piece.  If you facebook or twitter, be sure to follow me as I will be giving this fabulous canvas print away to one of you soon!  Stay Tuned….


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