This Summer…. Limited Edition Bags

Update: All crossbody bags have sold out.

I’ve created some VERY limited edition crossbody bags and handbags, and I will be posting them throughout the summer of 2021. Only 1 or 2 designs of each will ever be made. Why? Just to keep things super special I guess. I will be updating this blog post with what is available and what has already sold. So you can bookmark this page and check back here, or just go to my etsy shop to see what’s available. Will I be making more purses? No. I’ve made all that will ever be made – this is just a special summer 2021 thing, and once the crossbody and hoop totes are gone – they’re GONE.

I will be keeping this blog post updated weekly regarding inventory.

12/3/22 – One left!

Visit to also see the larger ring totes too!


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