Auction! “Home Away From Home”

Auction Status:  This auction had ended – Sold!
“Home Away From Home”  Original 16×20 acrylic on stretched canvas painting.  Auction ends Feb. 3, 2017.  Bidding starts at .01 penny!

Lots of moon paintings coming out this year.  This piece features two birds who have turned the moon into their personal birdhouse.  In fact, they are putting the finishing touches on it right now 🙂  Had to put a little bird watching home off in the hills.

2017 Art Calendar

My 2017 calendar is here!  Each year I select 12 random art pieces, and like all other years  this calendar is a mixed collection (not an all robot calendar).  No image will ever repeat.  The 2017 calendar is the 3rd edition.  If you want to see which pieces were selected this year, just click on the calendar below to be taken to the listing.  Be sure to check for coupon codes at the top of the page as sometimes they are on sale.  Happy New Year!