Lenticular Art

I’ve got some magical little items in my etsy shop….little lenticulars. What’s that you ask? Lenticular art is art that changes when you walk past it, move it, etc. It’s subtle animation to an otherwise still piece of art. I’ve tried to capture the “movement” in each listing for you with a little video, but basically it’ just a simple single slight change in each. Below are the current art pieces. I’ve got 3 book marks on clearance, and a couple of art cubes which I made just this month….they each feature 4 little pieces on each side. They are fun, conversational, and (my favorite part) come alive. Check them out! -Cindy

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This Summer…. Limited Edition Bags

I’ve created some VERY limited edition crossbody bags and handbags, and I will be posting them throughout the summer of 2021. Only 1 or 2 designs of each will ever be made. Why? Just to keep things super special I guess. I will be updating this blog post with what is available and what has already sold. So you can bookmark this page and check back here, or just go to my etsy shop to see what’s available. Will I be making more purses? No. I’ve made all that will ever be made – this is just a special summer 2021 thing, and once the crossbody and hoop totes are gone – they’re GONE.

I will be keeping this blog post updated weekly regarding inventory.

6/26/22 – All crossbody bags have been posted – inventory below.

Visit RocketGirlArt.etsy.com to also see the larger ring totes too!

“Bear Wants Honey”

Update: Sold!
Original Painting – eBay Auction runs: 6/12/21 – 6/19/21
Title: “Bear Wants Honey”
Size: 14×18 acrylic on cradled board

This piece is inspired from chapter 1 of A.A. Milne’s “Winnie The Pooh” book.
Why did I paint this?  Well, long story short….a publisher asked me to illustrate this book.  I read the book, created a story board, and got to work.  But something happened early in the project and they cancelled it when I was finishing up the 2nd illustration.  So no, this will not appear in a book – but I’m making it available for anyone who loves the story, or just loves little honey seeking bears.