Norcross Art Splash #artfestival

Last minute decision…. I’ll be at the Norcross Art Festival this October!
I’ve been prepping this all this month.  I think I have about 200 canvas prints – all sizes!  Ranging from 8×8 to 30×40.  I’ll also have a few originals, but this will mainly be an opportunity to get an affordable print, that has been both signed and possibly hand embellished.  I’m hand embellishing all pieces (except for the 8×8’s) in metallic accents.  So the metal on my robots will pop, the stars in the sky will shine, and the water in the ocean will reflect the moonlight and so on and so forth.  If you find yourself in or around the Atlanta area the weekend of October 7th, please stop by!  I’ll be at booth S23 located on S. Peachtree Street.  If you are on facebook you can mark yourself ‘interested’ if you want to receive further updates by going here.
Hope to see you there 🙂  -Cindy



“Dreamers” Beverly Hills Art Show

Update:  This show has sold out!
I’ll be in Beverly Hills, CA on 7/31/16 for the opening of my show!  20 new paintings featuring my whimsical girls will be on display at GP Deva’s X-Power Gallery.  The opening is a ticketed event with 100% of ticket sales and 20% of art sales going to the LA Art Alliance to benefit LA Children’s Hospital.  Click the image for RSVP info.  You can also visit may facebook page for event updates.  Hope to see you there!  -Cindy



January 2013 News

Happy New Year!  Just some news for 2013 since it has been a while since my last post.  I’ve got info on art shows, crafty things I’m working on, as well as something about Dodo birds….

Art Shows
Weekend Festivals:  Since 2010 I have headed up to the Atlanta area for the Norcross, Dunwoody, and Acworth Art Festivals.  Unfortunately this year I decided to decline them mainly due to logistical reasons.  As of right now, 2013 will not include any regional festivals.  Hoping to do some festivals in 2014 in the Florida panhandle area, and maybe here in Orlando.

International Juried Art Show:  I have been invited back to Art Revolution Taipei’s 2013 International Art Show, and have been busy preparing a bunch of paintings to send over to them.  Creating the paintings, all back and forth communication involved, and getting everything ready, packed, and shipped actually involves a lot more work than my normal art projects.  So January continues to be a busy month, and new originals will probably not show up until these are all out the door.

Art Goods
I’ve been prepping for some new artsy whatnots for the etsy shop.  No real details at this point, other than I’ll say wood blocks have been cut and some jewelry supplies have arrived in.  If you like little artsy giftables, stay tuned as I usually only do these once a year (if that).  I’ll also be making some smaller paintings as some of you have requested those too.

Lastly…iPad Cases
I came across a company called DodoCase, and loved their cases they make for devices.  They create quality book style cases using traditional book binding techniques and eco friendly durable materials.  I almost purchased one direct from their website, then I discovered they recently partnered with Zazzle which allows for interior image customization.  So I made one and received it a couple of weeks ago.  I love it so much I decided to license a few designs out from some handpicked past works.  Below are photos of how my case turned out.  Let me just add that I was not given this case by the company or asked to do any sort of write up (I wish), this is just me posting what I did.  If $89 is too steep of a price for an case, then do what I did and order during a sale…Zazzle has them often.  If I see a nice sale going on, I’ll be sure to post the code on my facebook page.  More designs to come and also iPhone 5 case designs will be made available soon as well.


August 2012 News

The bad news first….
As of today, I am no longer accepting any new commission for 2012 (and into early 2013).

The good news…
It’s because I’ve been invited back to Taipei’s A.R.T. International Art Show for 2013!  A HUGE honor.  I’ve been in communication with Taiwan all this past week, and have decided that due to the size of the project, I will not be able to take on any new custom painting orders for the rest of the year.  I will however continue to create new works when time allows for it, and will post them for direct purchase in my etsy shop.

Starting with this one:
Through The Looking Glass Series:  Starlight (sold)

Art Revolution Taipei 2012!

Art Revolution Taipei 2012 is happing right now.  Dates:  March 21 (VIP Preview), and March 22-25.  This video was released yesterday, so this is from the first day of the event.  I was excited to see that one of my paintings (On The Wings of a Dove) made it into the video!  (at 2:34 min in)  Such an honor to be a part of this event, wish I could be there.

So let me point out a few things in the video:

At about 1 minute in a table filled with artist tools is featured.  Just to explain, this was a project where they asked all participating artists to contribute by sending used art tools.  Since the shipment I was mailing them was cramped for space, I submitted 5 worn out brushes.  Those brushes had helped make so many paintings, I was glad they got to make a trip to Taiwan instead of the trash.  Lucky them 🙂

The latter part of the video you see a wall of small artworks and people standing in lines showing what they selected.  These paintings were part of a charity event called Art Your Compassion. 500 paintings hang anonymously, and the creator is not revealed until it is selected for purchase.  Paintings were made not just by the A.R.T. artists, but also by celebrity entertainers, musicians, well known designers, etc.  Even the Incumbent President (Ma Ying-jeou) and former President (Lee Teng-hui) of the Republic of China created art pieces for the event.  Each painting came with a photo of the artist holding their work…so here is what I made.  Yes, yes…a couple of love trees.

Ok, back to painting.  The Acworth Art Fest in Georgia is just 3 weeks away!  Hope to see you there.