Art Revolution Taipei 2012!

Art Revolution Taipei 2012 is happing right now.  Dates:  March 21 (VIP Preview), and March 22-25.  This video was released yesterday, so this is from the first day of the event.  I was excited to see that one of my paintings (On The Wings of a Dove) made it into the video!  (at 2:34 min in)  Such an honor to be a part of this event, wish I could be there.

So let me point out a few things in the video:

At about 1 minute in a table filled with artist tools is featured.  Just to explain, this was a project where they asked all participating artists to contribute by sending used art tools.  Since the shipment I was mailing them was cramped for space, I submitted 5 worn out brushes.  Those brushes had helped make so many paintings, I was glad they got to make a trip to Taiwan instead of the trash.  Lucky them 🙂

The latter part of the video you see a wall of small artworks and people standing in lines showing what they selected.  These paintings were part of a charity event called Art Your Compassion. 500 paintings hang anonymously, and the creator is not revealed until it is selected for purchase.  Paintings were made not just by the A.R.T. artists, but also by celebrity entertainers, musicians, well known designers, etc.  Even the Incumbent President (Ma Ying-jeou) and former President (Lee Teng-hui) of the Republic of China created art pieces for the event.  Each painting came with a photo of the artist holding their work…so here is what I made.  Yes, yes…a couple of love trees.

Ok, back to painting.  The Acworth Art Fest in Georgia is just 3 weeks away!  Hope to see you there.


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