Summer News – art shows, gallery, projects, new art

Sorry, it’s been a month since my last post.  I’ve been meaning to update new happenings and artwork for a while.  I’ll try to be brief and just bullet point the latest news from the past month….

Boston’s Children’s Hospital
This past week I finished up a large 24×24 piece that will hang at Boston’s Children’s Hospital!  Hoping to get it shipped out this coming week to them.

Art Revolution Taipei International Juried Art Show
Art Revolution Taipei was a success this past May as all 13 pieces sold at the show.  Shortly after the show ended, I received my 3rd invitation to come back for  2014.  I gladly accepted and will be working on 20 new pieces the rest of this year.

Atlanta Area Art Festival
I said I was not going to do any outdoor shows for 2013, but I decided to accept the invitation to the Johns Creek Fest which is happening this October.  Several people who came out to Acworth and Dunwoody in 2012 had asked why I didn’t have the art blocks…..don’t worry, I’ll have the art blocks this year at Johns Creek.  I’ve already started working on them this summer and hope to have both the 3.5″ size, the 7.25″ size, as well as some landscape sized ones for a bookshelf.  Due to the distance, it is always possible that something may keep me away (aka hurricane season).  I’ll be sure to post an update on this as it get’s closer.

Orlando Art Gallery
While I still sell originals and prints direct from me, my art is also now available locally at a new gallery located in the College Park area.  Gallery On The Edge offers an array of unique handmade items, fine art, and is connected to a hip retro furniture shop called Atomic Junkies.  Right now they carry some of my originals, limited edition signed prints, and art blocks.  If you love shopping etsy, you’ll love this store!

Book Illustration Project
Last month some missionary friends who live in the remote interior of Papua New Guinea asked if I would be willing to illustrate a series of children’s books for an ongoing project they are working on.  I’ll elaborate on this more on this at a later time, but basically this is what I am working on in all my in between time from what I just mentioned above.

Available Art
As you can see, June filled my year up fast.  As always though, I’ll still try to make available original art throughout the year direct from me.  Below are a couple of original works currently available in my etsy shop.  Both girls ship installed in a black wooden floater frame, wired and ready to hang.

“The Early Bird” 16×20 framed

“Let Down Your Hair” 16×20 framed


Art Revolution Taipei 2012!

Art Revolution Taipei 2012 is happing right now.  Dates:  March 21 (VIP Preview), and March 22-25.  This video was released yesterday, so this is from the first day of the event.  I was excited to see that one of my paintings (On The Wings of a Dove) made it into the video!  (at 2:34 min in)  Such an honor to be a part of this event, wish I could be there.

So let me point out a few things in the video:

At about 1 minute in a table filled with artist tools is featured.  Just to explain, this was a project where they asked all participating artists to contribute by sending used art tools.  Since the shipment I was mailing them was cramped for space, I submitted 5 worn out brushes.  Those brushes had helped make so many paintings, I was glad they got to make a trip to Taiwan instead of the trash.  Lucky them 🙂

The latter part of the video you see a wall of small artworks and people standing in lines showing what they selected.  These paintings were part of a charity event called Art Your Compassion. 500 paintings hang anonymously, and the creator is not revealed until it is selected for purchase.  Paintings were made not just by the A.R.T. artists, but also by celebrity entertainers, musicians, well known designers, etc.  Even the Incumbent President (Ma Ying-jeou) and former President (Lee Teng-hui) of the Republic of China created art pieces for the event.  Each painting came with a photo of the artist holding their work…so here is what I made.  Yes, yes…a couple of love trees.

Ok, back to painting.  The Acworth Art Fest in Georgia is just 3 weeks away!  Hope to see you there.

Art Revolution Taipei 2012

I’ve been offline for the past couple of weeks, but that doesn’t mean the painting has stopped.  In fact I am starting to get overwhelmed with how many finished, in progress, and blank canvases that are sitting all around me right now.  I’m not used to this, but soon things will start to move.  Allow me to explain one of the projects I have coming up!

I have been invited to participate in Art Revolution Taipei for 2012 (March 22-25).  So excited about it, and this is what has been taking up most of my time lately.  A new series is also in the works, and the first 10 will be heading over to Taiwan to make their debut.  This particular series includes a girl in each piece, and I love love love how they have been turning out.  Some of these will be made into limited edition signed prints so watch facebook for release dates.  Sneak peek close-up of one of them for my blog followers 🙂

In addition to the above mentioned series, I will also be sending 5 of my starry sky paintings (or as some like to call, the swirly skies).  These have already been completed, so be looking for feature pics to show up on facebook soon.

Here are a few pictures from A.R.T. 2011.  According to their website, last year featured 1200 artworks by 203 artists from 22 countries.  The number of visitors to the show reached upward 26,681 people according to the records at Taiwan World Trade Center where A.R.T. was held.

And finally, the pieces I am sending will also be featured at the sponsoring gallery who invited me at X-Power Gallery in Taipei.  (photo below courtesy of the gallery).  Once all these pieces are finished and shipped, I’ll tell you all about a solo show I have coming up next summer here in the states!  Have a great weekend… -Cindy

Art Revolution Taipei 2012 (A.R.T. 2012) features leading and emerging galleries and artists around the globe. Hundreds of artists, ranging from the established to the latest generation of emerging figures will be represented in the show’s multiple sections. In May, more than 26 thousand art lovers visited and enjoyed A.R.T. 2011.
The exhibition will include time-tested and cutting-edge paintings, sculptures, drawings, installation, photographs, and prints. Art Revolution Taipei 2012 is expected to be crowded with all types of people including art collectors, art dealers, artists, curators and other art enthusiasts. An even more important spot is that the organizer will invite hundreds of highly renowned and influential collectors to attend, which would certainly guarantee to bring great attention to the participating artists and their works.”