Norcross Art Fest 2010

I was invited to the Norcross Art Fest in Georgia this year.  I’d never done a show before, and this one sounded like a great one to try so I spent the last few months painting, buying supplies, and researching what might be needed should nasty weather be upon us that weekend.  Fortunately, it was the first blast of crisp fall weather….I totally lucked out!  

I brought with me original paintings (obviously), limited edition prints, pocket mirrors, magnets, and necklaces.  I was asked several times about who made what, so let me just clarify…I make everything.  The necklaces are miniature prints of paintings I have done which I prep, print, seal, and resin pour.  It’s a 4-5 day process.   Mirrors and magnets are a quicker process once you pull and create your images.  A $250 button machine and my willingness to sit for hours and produce is all that is needed for the rest of the job.

So here are a few booth photos and a “short and sweet” slide show I made featuring the new paintings I did for the show.  I brought back with me quite a few originals, so feel free to inquire if you see one you like. I will be posting them for sale shortly and I also post sold works here on this blog.


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