New! Bambi Book Now Available!

(Oct 2021 Update: I’ve got one original illustration left. It’s up in my etsy shop here)

Yay! “Bambi – A Life In The Woods” released on January 19, 2021 and is finally here! I was asked to illustrate this book back in 2018, completed the illustrations in 2019, then some delays in 2020…. so this project has been a long time coming. I was given the full English translated novel, and was asked to come up with 15 or so illustrations to span over the 26 chapters. As it turned out, the book ended up being a shortened abridged version, which is a much easier read for kids. This is an 88 page hardcover book, and I ended up doing 17 illustrations in total. So without further ado…

Above is a photo with the dust jacket on. The actual book has the same artwork on the cover. The back of the actual hardcover has a little write up about the author and me. This book turned out so beautiful!

Right now I am offering the original illustrations for sale. All paintings were done in acrylic paints on hardboard (gessobord). Each measures 11×14 inches and they have been sealed in a gloss finish to both protect and enhance the painting. A signed copy of the book is also included with each original art piece and shipping is free to anywhere in the US. (I do ship worldwide).

I’ve also got some signed copies of the book up in my etsy shop. These ship direct from me and are a little bit more than retail. They are priced at $15.95 + ship, however if your order total reaches $35 the shipping will disappear and your entire order ships for free (USA).
Here is a link to my etsy shop! >>

If you wanted an original illustration but you see that it has already sold, I will be offering a few works in an 8×10 limited edition. This will be a very short edition size, probably 5. But this way if you wanted an illustration for your nursery, living room, or where ever…there will be an option to get a signed LE collectible print! 🙂 -Cindy


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