New Illustrative Series! The Alphabet.

Update: A has sold.
First Up: “A is For…” 14×18 acrylic on cradled board.
I’m going through the alphabet and creating a fun and unique set of characters around their “starts with” letter.
The original is currently available here, and signed prints are up here if anyone is interested. (If you visit my website you will even find it on larger scale prints and t-shirts!)

I created a video showing the making of this piece which I will post below. Feel free to follow my YouTube Channel as I hope to make more as I go through each letter. You can also visit my website and sign up to be in-boxed with news if you want to catch a future letter release (I will be going in order).

Ok, so here is the video – and keep in mind…there are more A’s than you think. I drop little hints in this video, but I’m sure some of you creative word people can find some things that I was not even thinking of 🙂 -Enjoy!


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